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This mistress wanted to punish the slave but she was only interested in his dick and balls, which she trampled and ball busted with her ass

Giada and Margo were very angry and it showed in how they treated their slave. They whipped him and trampled him with their high heels till he was all red and bloody

Mistress Maeva loves inflicting pain. And that is what exactly she did to this slave. She jumped on his stomach and trampled his face while he cried out in pain

This mistress loves to torture slaves. It is her hobby and she is good at it. This time round she did not want something painful she just wanted her stinking shoes and stockings smelled

This mistress is a sadist. She made her slave lie down and then trampled his face with her shoes, bringing all her weight to bear on his face painfully

I have a treat for you. I want you to enjoy my sexy body and moves. But I also want you to use your saliva to jerk off

Jordan Star and Lady Chantal caught this guy trying to steal from them. The punishment was no pretty. They ball busted him and even trampled his dick. He will not repeat it ever again

Skylar is one strong woman. She lifted this heavy guy with such ease that the guy was embarrassed

When she took her new slave home, she stripped him for inspection. As soon as she saw that he has a tiny dick, she put on her spiked heels. She was happy to put her heels and lash to work. she stepped on him, trampling him. Then she put her spikes to his tiny dick, telling him that he doesn't deserve gentle treatment. As she told him how worthless he is, she spanked his ass.

Ball kicking is Mistress Letizia's favorite past time. She tells her slave to strip and get on all fours at least once a week. She is happy to take her shoes off and kick him in the balls from behind. She loves to feel his balls on her feet and hear his cries of pain. She loves to watch him arch his back in pain. When she does this, she feels much better about her day.

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