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This mistress pretended to flirt with this loser. But she was using him to try out fetishes such as foot fetish

This couple wanted to try something new. They made out while they had a slave lick the mistress's sneakers

Witness this hot candid video of a couple trying to see who the dominant one is. The smoking hot brunette Alexis stretches out her tone and supple leg and demands that her boyfriend suck her toes. Any guy would give their left nut to suck this brunette's toes as long as they get to grab her bit tits and caress her supple legs while they fuck the shit out of her.

RavenRae and her friend were relaxing at home when their slave appeared. They made him lick their stinky feet and lick them even though they had socks on

Miss Selena is a mistress that will do crazy shit to her slaves without thinking twice. The reason she is like that is because her slaves are so fucking worthless in her opinion. She thinks that making her slaves do stupid shit will make them feel like the loser fuckers that they are. She is so right, because her slaves all feel like shit after seeing her.

This was a great opportunity for us! We got a chance to film this blonde beauty Caitlynn while cracking the nuts of a pathetic loser! He offered her to pay her a lot of money! The only thing she had to do was to kick him into his balls! Of course she agreed! Her friend also joined her and is laughing at this ugly slave piggy! And I'm sure she wants to kick YOUR balls next, bitch!

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