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This mistress was bored at home and going through the internet, she came across trampling fetish. She was intrigued by it and researched more about it. The more she knew about it the more she was interested and the more she wanted to try it herself. She went outside and came back with a loser whom she practiced on. She trampled him using her high heels and did not care about the pain she inflicted on him.

This mistress was mad at her boyfriend. Her boyfriend knew it was his mistake and wanted to make amends. She knew this was her chance to have fun at his expense so she came up with crazy demands that he met. He even met the last one which was for him to lick the soles of her shoes. Wanting to make her happy and forgive him, he agreed and did it.

Sarah had a quarrel with her husband and she wanted to make him do what she wanted. She did not want him to win the argument. She resorted to a new way of pushing through her side of the argument. She made her husband go down on all fours and she sat on his head. She continued with what she was doing and talking to her friend on phone while doing that to her husband.

This mistress wanted to punish her slave for misusing her stuff. She trampled his face and made him smell her stinking socks.

Mistress Qing is a cruel and merciless mistress who likes to inflict pain on her helpless slaves. She makes this slave bow in front of her and kiss her feet for added humiliation. She starts bringing the pain with several hard faceslaps until the dominated slave's face is red and swollen. He would do anything to get close to Mistress Qing, even if it means taking her punishment.

This guy wanted to be this girl's boyfriend. She knew it and wanted to milk it. She made him do crazy things like lick her feet and her dirty sneakers

Sibilla wanted to show this slave who she really was. So she made her lie on the bed and trampled her tummy with her bare feet and inflicted a lot of pain in the process

This mistress despised this guy. So she wanted him degraded. She made him lick her stinky ass after she had pooped and didn't wipe properly

Lisa Jordan is a sadist. She loves it when losers and slaves are humliated and degraded. To please herself, she likes to tease them with her giant melons before humiliating them

Lady Karame loves to humiliate men. She met this loser and made him strip naked before making him lick her feet which were sweaty and stinky

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