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Mistress April was so hurt by what her husband had done that she had to punish him in a way she had never even thought she would punish someone. She stripped him naked, tied him up, and whipped him. But that was not all for her. She also peed on him and had him lick her pee and her asshole while she farted on him. He nearly choked as she did so.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend wanted to get some information out of this loser. He had information they deemed crucial to them but he did not want to talk. They were pissed as they had spent the better part of the morning trying to get him to talk. They were left with no option but to teach him a lesson. They forced him to undress and they took him to their torture chambers where they whipped him painfully till he gave them the info.

After a long day, Mistress Luciana needs something to help ease the pressures she is feeling. Rather than have wine, she grabs her cat o nine tails and tells her slave to strip. She oils him down and takes him to the punishment room. She hooks him and starts to whip him. She whips him until he starts to glow and shine with a rosy hue. She loves the way he moans and cries out for attention.

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