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Elaina and Janine are two extremely hot girls dressed in tight black clothes to dominate their slave together. One of the sits on his chest for added leverage while the other one squats next to his head. They both put both of their hands over his nose and mouth to smother him. They push down on his face until his face turns red and he can't breathe. They just giggle and keep going.

Lisa L. is mean to her slave when she dominates him. She has a hard session with him where she starts choking him. He is already having a hard time breathing and she covers his mouth and nose with her hand. He can't get a breath and her arm squeezes his neck harder and harder. If this extreme domination keeps up, he's going to pass out. Lisa doesn't care because she's cruel.

Lady Karame is a dangerous and cruel mistress who does not take the safety of her slaves into account when she is dominating them. She wraps plastic around her slave's head and pushes her hand down over his nose and mouth. He smothers and fights to breathe and she just keeps pushing down and shows no mercy for his well being. She wants him to suffer at her hands and that is what he's doing.

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