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Krista is a new girl who has her first wrestling match with Emma who is much more experienced. To Emma's surprise, Krista came to fight. She tackles her to the mat and dominates her with hard facesitting. She uses her full weight to crush Emma's face and smother her with her ass. Krista taunts Emma with verbal humiliation to go along with her physical domination. Emma had no chance from the beginning with this strong rookie.

Mistress Qing is a cruel and merciless mistress who likes to inflict pain on her helpless slaves. She makes this slave bow in front of her and kiss her feet for added humiliation. She starts bringing the pain with several hard faceslaps until the dominated slave's face is red and swollen. He would do anything to get close to Mistress Qing, even if it means taking her punishment.

This guy wanted to be this girl's boyfriend. She knew it and wanted to milk it. She made him do crazy things like lick her feet and her dirty sneakers

Maria wanted to beat the shit out of this slave. So she tied him and then played with his nipples. She slapped him painfully and tortured him cruelly

Susan wanted to teach this guy to always obey her. She tied his hands and then taped his mouth. She then enjoyed dominating him till she drove the point home

This guy was behaving badly and disrespecting others. This mistress beat the crap out of him and sleeper held him till he begged for forgiveness

This mistress likes to wrestle with guys because ladies are not strong enough for her. She humiliated this guy and headlocked and leg scissored him into submission

Dominique is a badass mistress. She found this guy bullying others and decided to teach him a lesson. She tied his hands to his back and trampled him with her shoes and tortured him till he promised never to repeat it

Isabella is as cruel as they come. She too this slave and made him strip naked before trampling his dick and his balls with her bare feet against a cold and hard surface

Hazel had tortured her slave long enough. He had had enough of it and wanted to get back at her. He tied her and had fun whipping her and torturing her as she did to him

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