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Mistress Jamie-Kate is wearing sexy dark blue denim jeans when she sits on her submissive slave's face. She is also wearing ankle boots and a long-sleeved half top while she smothers his face. The long-legged slender redheaded Mistress doesn't like his bony chin but that doesn't stop her from making him breath hard while underneath her covered crotch. She laughs at the pain and suffering that he is feeling while she sits on his face.

Lady Karame wanted unquestioned loyalty from this slave. She got it by kicking him in the balls and torturing him cruelly and brutally

Skylar knew the best way to beat this guy was to appeal to her feminine side. She used it and soon had him on the floor. Then she humiliated him by making him lick her ass

This mistress pretended to flirt with this loser. But she was using him to try out fetishes such as foot fetish

Araz was called fat by this loser. Her reaction was swift and cruel. She wore a bikini for him but tortured him cruelly. She made him lick her dirty butthole and kicked him and ball tortured him

This guy loved this mistress' ass and she had an idea of what to do to him. She made him lie down and used her ass to trample his face

Lisa learnt of domination fetishes online and she wanted to try it. She called a loser in her neighbourhood and made him smell and lick her armpits which were sweaty

Susana knew that this guy liked running his mouth. She plotted to shut him up. She squeezed his mouth and trampled it with her high heels

This couple wanted to try something new. They made out while they had a slave lick the mistress's sneakers

Stella Morgan wanted this slave to worship her. She sat on her throne and amde her slave lick her feet then her boobs then made him lick her shoes

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