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Sara Castro is never nice to anyone, but when it comes to being nice to her slaves - they are so fucked. She will really do bad things to her slaves, but when she includes her friends to help with the humiliation, it can be a bad time for the slaves. One of her slaves will be humiliated to the point he will start to beg them to stop.

Miss Selena is a mistress that will do crazy shit to her slaves without thinking twice. The reason she is like that is because her slaves are so fucking worthless in her opinion. She thinks that making her slaves do stupid shit will make them feel like the loser fuckers that they are. She is so right, because her slaves all feel like shit after seeing her.

She is a mistress that loves to just hang out and have fun, but her idea of fun might not be the same as the rest. She loves to sit and take pictures while talking shit to her slave. The slave is bound up tightly, so it makes it even more fun for the hardcore mistress to sit and laugh at her pathetic loser slave boy.

Slaves are used to abuse, but mistresses are never shy from learning new tricks to make the slaves feel totally stupid. The girls are going to make both of their slaves get on the ground, because they need to experience what it is like to have two mistresses dominate the fuck out of them to the point of severe humiliation and domination from the horribly cruel mistresses.

Miss Jorita is used to going for a ride whenever she wants. She is going to put on her sexiest piece of lingerie, because she is going to ride her slave boy all over her trendy living room. She will even slap him on the ass calling him a pony. She is a master when it comes to humiliation and making a slave feel like a toad.

A group of super mean bitches are going to fuck a slave up to a new level. The girls will all tie the slave up to the point he can't go anywhere. They will then begin to kick the slave over and over again making him feel severe pain as they are laughing. The girls are going to make the slave feel a horrible pain.

Emily is a mistress that loves to make sure she is in great shape for kicking the fuck out of her slaves. She is going to have one of her slave girl's hold a big pillow for her to get out all of her rage on. Emily will lick the pillow until she is good and tired, but she is happy she knows she is a hard kicking bitch.

Janine is a mistress that thinks her dirty sneakers might need cleaning, but only after she takes her time being a real asshole. She will spit all over the sneakers, but she will also be a real bitch and tell her slave the sneakers are clean. The slave will clean the sneakers not knowing he is licking up all of her dirty spit that is old and gross.

Lady B is one hell of a mistress that can't believe it when she goes to kick a slave. She has never been nice when it comes to kicking the shit out of the slaves. Her slave will be on his hands and knees in the ground, but she won't just let him off the hook. He will be kicked in the balls really fucking hard.

Miss Lori and her friend learned a long time ago about being brutal. They are so hardcore and they love all of the mean shit they do to their slaves. The slaves are always so sore once they are done dealing with the ladies. The slave will find out what getting abused is like, and they won't give him an ouch of a pass for not being abused.

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