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She loves to punish her slave. She puts him on the floor after smacking his face. She pulls down her jeans and sits her thong split ass in his face. She knows that he hates it so she does it repeatedly. She loves making him uncomfortable and smothering him. When she is done, she forces him to lay there and refuses to give him permission to wash his filthy face.

Lady Mistique and Mistress BlackDiamoond decide to get brutal with a slave that is constantly disrespectful. They take him to the front of the living room with all the other slaves. They start to slap him brutally. They take turns, slapping him until their hands hurt. They want to leave him bruised and blistered. They want to show him who is in control. He learns a hard lesson that night.

When she took her new slave home, she stripped him for inspection. As soon as she saw that he has a tiny dick, she put on her spiked heels. She was happy to put her heels and lash to work. she stepped on him, trampling him. Then she put her spikes to his tiny dick, telling him that he doesn't deserve gentle treatment. As she told him how worthless he is, she spanked his ass.

When they moved into a home together, the girls did it with the understanding that they would always have a human spittoon available. They found the perfect guy and brought him home. As soon as they had him in his mask, they laid him down and started spitting all over him. They spit in his mouth all day. Sometimes they did it as a group and other times they did it individually.

Taissia tells her girlfriend Marry that she is going to be a slave from now on. Marry agrees to be a slave for the day and goes to take a nap. Taissia waited until she was completely asleep before taking off her pants and sitting on her face. She woke her girlfriend to her thong split ass in her face. As Marry woke up, she was told that she was now a slave forever.

Ball kicking is Mistress Letizia's favorite past time. She tells her slave to strip and get on all fours at least once a week. She is happy to take her shoes off and kick him in the balls from behind. She loves to feel his balls on her feet and hear his cries of pain. She loves to watch him arch his back in pain. When she does this, she feels much better about her day.

After a long day, Mistress Luciana needs something to help ease the pressures she is feeling. Rather than have wine, she grabs her cat o nine tails and tells her slave to strip. She oils him down and takes him to the punishment room. She hooks him and starts to whip him. She whips him until he starts to glow and shine with a rosy hue. She loves the way he moans and cries out for attention.

Megan is a mistress that is semi creative when it comes time to play with her slave. She thinks he is a fucking loser, but she also thinks it might be time for her to show him what the fuck in the pain department. However, she must first make him get on his knees, because he needs to learn some hardcore skills in worship and learning who is boss.

Miss Atrax and her whipping can be one of the most brutal things ever for a slave to endure. She however, could give a fuck less. The slave is a fucking pile of shit, so she will even invite friends over to kick this loser slave's ass. They will kick and abuse him to the point, he is totally humiliated and does really feel like a loser.

Alexa Paige is a mistress that loves her attention, but she also loves to do other things. She is going to invite her favorite loser slave over, and tell him he has a tasty treat awaiting him. Little does he know that is not the case. She is going to show off her pussy and asshole to him that smell so bad, because she isn't a clean girl.

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