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Araz was called fat by this loser. Her reaction was swift and cruel. She wore a bikini for him but tortured him cruelly. She made him lick her dirty butthole and kicked him and ball tortured him

This guy loved this mistress' ass and she had an idea of what to do to him. She made him lie down and used her ass to trample his face

Lisa learnt of domination fetishes online and she wanted to try it. She called a loser in her neighbourhood and made him smell and lick her armpits which were sweaty

Susana knew that this guy liked running his mouth. She plotted to shut him up. She squeezed his mouth and trampled it with her high heels

This couple wanted to try something new. They made out while they had a slave lick the mistress's sneakers

Stella Morgan wanted this slave to worship her. She sat on her throne and amde her slave lick her feet then her boobs then made him lick her shoes

Lady Karame did not like how her slave was getting fatter and fatter. She decided to punish him by kicking his belly with her knees. The pain would make him cut down his weight

This mistress wanted to punish her slave for misusing her stuff. She trampled his face and made him smell her stinking socks.

Julie is a brunette who loves to dominate her girlfriends. She gets off on their pain and humiliation. She makes this hot lesbian slut get on a cushion on all fours so she can ride her like a donkey. This is not humiliating enough for Julie so she grabs her hair and puts her feet up on her back. She jerks back on her hair and jumps up and down with her full weight.

Gina Gerson is a stunning and petite porn star who dominates her girlfriend Amber with her sexy jeans ass. She makes Amber lie back on the bed while she starts facesitting on her. Gina loves feeling her girlfriend's face in her crotch so much that she has an orgasm right through her jeans. She is turned on by her girlfriend, but she just likes to humiliate her and smother her.

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