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Mistress Marie did not like the bad breath on this slave. She punished him by making him lick her dirty soles and trampled his fingers and mouth with the heels

Victoria is a cruel dominatrix. She gets off on seeing other people humiliated and degraded. As the boss, she made this new employee her slave and trampled his face with her sweaty feet and made him lick the bare feet

This mistress wanted to punish the slave but she was only interested in his dick and balls, which she trampled and ball busted with her ass

Giada and Margo were very angry and it showed in how they treated their slave. They whipped him and trampled him with their high heels till he was all red and bloody

RavenRae and her friend were relaxing at home when their slave appeared. They made him lick their stinky feet and lick them even though they had socks on

Skylar wanted to make sure that she was respected. So she decided to wrestle this guy and made sure she won. She trampled his face with her stinky ass

Goddess Pio is a dominatrix who likes to hire out her torturing services. She was paid to humiliate this loser and she trampled his face with her sneakers till he was red faced

Mistress Maeva loves inflicting pain. And that is what exactly she did to this slave. She jumped on his stomach and trampled his face while he cried out in pain

Mistress Denise did not just want to punish her slave like she normally does. She went an extra mile and made him her human horse

This mistress loves to torture slaves. It is her hobby and she is good at it. This time round she did not want something painful she just wanted her stinking shoes and stockings smelled

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