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Mistress Victoria wants to hurt her slave very bad today! And she has taken a huge, black cock to do so! The stupid idiot has to kneel in front of her - facing her with his ass! Then she takes the mega dick and forces it into his tiny asshole! She puts it so deep into his ass that you have to believe it will come out at his mouth again! Never saw a slave with such a flexible asshole before!

And I have to punish you! But the main reason is: I want to have some fun! :D I believe hitting your fat ass with a stick is a good beginning! But some ass kicks are also a very good option! But it seems that it isn't enough! I have to tell you what a phat ass loser you are! What are you? "A phat ass loser, madam!" is what I want to hear! :D

Audrey had a very hard day! There was a lot of work to do and a lot of idiots around her. They all stare at her butt and her feet! But now she is at home and her slave already awaits her. She sits down on him and puts her dirty boots above his face. He has to smell them. But she also wants to humiliate him with her socks and bare feet! So he has to take of her boots. Then she puts her sweaty socks into his mouth - what a brat girl! At the end she also orders him to lick her stinky, sweaty bare feet!

Norbert is a really poor guy! He looks ugly, he is fat and he has only a tiny dick! And there is nothing he can do! But of course I can use his poor existance to have some fun! :D I have fixed his hands so he can't escape. And then I'm going to tease him! I tickle his balls - and then punch him really bad in his crown jewels! He looks so funny with the pain in his eyes! But of course this is only the beginning...! :D

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